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Webcams 2013 by Thalateya Webcams 2013 by Thalateya
Happy almost new year y'all!

To be honest, I'm still 90% amazed I managed to finish this. Webcams are actually quite easy, provided you get into the rythem of it (I mean, it's just one sketch a week). I am so friggin proud. I was SO determined not to miss a single week... oh but not because of the whole 'dedicated to something' and such - I had already set them out in the grid so if I missed one it would be... shudder... UNEVEN.
That said, there were a few occasions when I posted them late, there were one or two that didn't get posted until the day before I was meant to change it, but I still posted them, so they still count!

I initally tried to make this like a bit of a diary, where each webcam had something relating to that week (new years, corndogs, ect). As the year went on, this was kind of lost, but they're still generally based on my interest. (You can see the months where I saw all the studio ghibli movies, animal crossing and XY came out). About half of them, though, are just random and usually my first time drawing something. I think next year I'll focus on just drawing all my own characters that I don't draw enough, like the cat-run characters, you like them right? ohmygoshI haven't drawn them enough lately

Actually, for a whole year I'm a little disappointed on how little my style changed. I was expecting to start off with one style and end with something different, and the only thing that's really changed are the backgrounds. Oh well. I was trying to keep a consistent look anyway - most of them I had a strict rule that I would sketch them on one layer and with the lineart tool, and I also avoided shading them or they'd stand out. I think I ended up establishing a cool style exclusively for my webcams though.

I'm defiantly going to be continuing this onto 2014 is I can keep inding the time... although maybe posting them on Wednesday instead of Thursday. ^^;
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PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Filmographer
lol graffiti not polite for bonnie!? XD
Gabubn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Cool, but there's something that intrigues me.
Why there is a dick in Bonnie's ass in the green one? o.o
Thalateya Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Blair drew it on while she was asleep. 
Gabubn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Oh, that pranks. xD
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