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October 5, 2013
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PKMNA: Reamur Joule by Thalateya PKMNA: Reamur Joule by Thalateya
If you want to RJ, just drop me a note! :dummy:

:bulletorange: Name: Reaumur Joule - but call him RJ
:bulletorange: Age: 17
:bulletorange: Gender: Male
:bulletorange: Pokemon: Quilava (shiny)
:bulletorange: Birthday: September 21st
:bulletorange: Nature: Rash
:bulletorange: Summary Characteristic: Likes to thrash about
:bulletorange: Ability: Flash Fire (dream world)
:bulletorange: Hometown: Mt. Chimney / Later Lilycove City, Hoenn
:bulletorange: Height: 190cm
:bulletorange: Weight: 27kg (is that right I have no idea...)
:bulletorange: Fave Berry: Hot n' Spicy
:bulletorange: House: Amity

:bulletorange: Personality: :bulletorange:
Very rash, angry and quite short-tempered. He hates people accusing him of stuff or forcing him to do stuff. Despite his pyromania and anger issues, he is actually a since person who's fairly easy to befriend, provided you can put up with him. He really dislikes teachers or doing work, and will often threaten to burn down the school - but he never would of course. Likewise, despite how much he threatens, he would never deliberately hurt another person with his fire.
He mostly limits his burning to small things like trees or rubbish. He never seems to be at ease unless he's watching something be destroyed or, surprisingly, drawing. The only time he isn't obsessing over fire is when he's working on a painting or sketch - basically it's either a book full of doodles or a book full of singes.

:bulletorange: History: :bulletorange:
On September 21st, a young couple consisting of a Typhlosion and a Meganium had a little Cyndaquil baby, but this one was a little unusual. Most Cyndaquil would freely use their fire and in turn get hurt by it, and then they would learn that fire is dangerous. However, this baby never felt such pain, and he was soon diagnosed with the illusive, 'flash fire' ability. After several accidents involving the burning of furniture, houses and even neighbours the couple decided it would be best to move away - their spot? A town within Mt. Chimney, where the fire-types roamed.
Here, fire was taken as a way of life - inhabitants would bathe in lava pools and playing with fire was taught at school. As the Cyndaquil grew up he fitted right in with this unusual town, embracing his fire-type abilities. Both his parents struggled with this, but especially his father being a grass-type. His mother was a Typhlosion, but even the strongest fire-types would be burnt without the ability. However, they were happy as long as their son was happy.
This life went on for many years until 'RJ' grew into a young teen, and his parents give him some rather unexpected news - he would be having a baby sister! And, as it happened, this sister inherited her father's species and was born a Chikorita, which immediately caused all kinds of problems. It was one thing for an adult Meganium, but it was another for a baby grass-type to be playing about near fire. The family moved away as soon as possible.
RJ hated this move, and his relationship with his parents soon declined. The now-quilava would refuse to go to school, refuse to go for dinner, and run away on countless rebellious streaks. This was also when he realised something vital - people were actually afraid of fire. Whenever he didn't want to do something, he'd simply remind his parents how easily he could burn something, including his little sister.
One night, his parents got the call that their beloved son had just been caught committing arson.
Luckily, it wasn't very serious. Nobody was hurt or even major burnt, and the only thing that was destroyed was a few trash cans. It was eventually decided that, because it was his first offence and due to his still-young age, it was an 'accident'. And because he (reluctantly) behaved, he was only jailed for about a year. During this year, his parents only visited three times, on the first two times RJ make it clear he didn't want to see them, so they only visited again at Christmas.
When he got out from jail he had become somewhat colder (not literally of course, his fire blazed more than ever). RJ had turned from disliking his family to simply not being interested in them - he didn't want to hear about his little sister's first words and always sat quietly at the dinner table. He sometimes seemed like he wasn't there at all. He did, however, continue to use his fire-powers carelessly, and that often seemed the only time he was happy.
At school, rumours quickly got about that he was a murderer, what he'd secretly killed somebody in the trash cans, and nobody seemed to believe it was an accident. Even the kindest or bravest children were afraid to talk to him in the playground, and many teachers would try to avoid teaching him.
Reaumur soon took to running away after (or during) school to burn stuff - trees in the countryside or rubbish in the streams. He often felt rejected and nobody cared for him. Of course, his parents did, and they tried to talk to him but as usual it would end with threats to burn the house down. Finally, his mother passed him a letter, for a boarding school she had heard about a few years go. There, he could make a new start, meet new friends who didn't judge him for his time in jail, and of course no parents to tell him what to do. RJ packed his finds as soon as he could.

:bulletorange: Hobbies:
Burning stuff, Computer Games, Cooking (mostly too much), Arting

:bulletorange: School Schedule: :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: (Mostly Fire-Related) Trivia: :bulletorange:
- He likes to keep the fire on his hair and rump burning at all times, which makes him very hot to go near and is naturally, very dangerous. They will only go out when he's ill, sleeping or wet. However! It's more like the fire of a rapidash or infernape, it's not harmful unless he wants it to be.
-- When he gets angry (which, let's face it, is a lot) or very focused his fire gets more ferocious. when he really loses it he will set his whole body on fire, hurting those around him.
-- As a result, his body is very hot - not instant incineration hot, but he has been known to leave burn marks to those who hug him and will leave charcoal when he sits on wood.
-- He has to wear specifically-designed clothes, which he orders from Mt. Chimney every year or so. He can wear normal clothes, for a little while but he has a tendency to burn them up when he loses his temper.
-- Naturally, he dislikes water. When he gets in he'll boil the water and make it very hot, which won't cause any harm to himself (the same cannot be said to anybody else in the water). However, if he is suddenly drenched, like a bucket being poured on his head, or submerged quickly, he loses his powers for a good hour or so.
- He had a bit of a fear of ghost types, especially pure ghosts.
- High sp. attack, STAB and charcoal make his fire-type powers stupidly strong, especially after flash fire has kicked in.
- His name is based on 'Reamur' and 'Joule', both measurements of heat. He prefers to be called RJ than Reaumur, but he's fine either way. Stangely, Reamur is actually his second name, but that's what always comes first.

33h0m32TuCkLOV3R Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mm, dat flame-stache.
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