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PKMN-SWITCh App: Whitney by Thalateya PKMN-SWITCh App: Whitney by Thalateya


:bulletred: Switch Sheet: [link] :bulletred:

:bulletred: Name: Whitney
:bulletred: Gender: Female
:bulletred: Birthday: May 19
:bulletred: Species: Volcanora
:bulletred: Nature: Sassy
:bulletred: Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn

:bulletred: History: :bulletred:
Whitney was born in the bustling City in central Brazil. Her parents were exceedingly wealthy, and owned a big business. Whitney was granted whatever she wanted as a child, but was certainly not spoilt. She had five younger brothers, three of which were very annoying little kids, the other two were the kind to spend their whole days in front of the TV playing video games. Her parents always said they needn't hire anybody to look after the kids, as their three older siblings were 'good enough'. As a result, much of Whitney's childhood was spent looking after her siblings, and being the only responsible person in the house.
This was made worse by a shoot out when she was fifteen. Her mother was killed, and her father paralysised was left bedridden. One of her brothers had also been injured, but it was minor. Allthough her father had a caretaker, Whitney was still left with increasing responsibilities. She ended up spending so much of her time looking after things that she never seemed to have a chance to relax and do what she loved.
Finally, when she was eighteen, Whitney's father passed away. It was a very sudden death, but it took it's course, and Whitney inherited the business. But she was completely inexperienced. She had never been interested in business before and din't know how to do anything, not even sell it. The business quickly started soaring towards bankruptcy, while her brothers were taking even more of her time. Eventually, the stress got to her, and she ran away.
For a few months she lived in a small town in Unova, perfecting her english skills but struggling to get money. It seemed like that was always the problem, money. She couldn't go what she loved because she had to work to make end's meat. Not only that, but she was constantly afraid somebody would recognise her and track her down, and she would be dragged back into her life before. Until she found out about the Ultraviolet Asylum.

:bulletred: Personality: :bulletred:
Whitney is stubborn, sassy, smart and street-wise. She usually knows what to do in any situation and likes to feel dominant, but can't stand being under pressure. Basically, she just likes to have fun, which she usually does by being quiet and friendly, but that dosen't mean she dosen't branch out. She can also be a bit sarcastic which may seem mean, but she means no offence.

:bulletred: Hobbies: :bulletred:
Writing, Painting and Cooking.
She hasn't had much time to practice, but she hopes to improve on them. She is better at painting.

:bulletred: Attributes / Accessories: :bulletred:
Pale blue necklace.
Leopard spots on wings.

:bulletred: Likes / Dislikes: :bulletred:
Likes: Music, cooking, alone time, painting, computers.
Dislikes: Children, loud noise, people pulling her wings.

:bulletred: Trivia: :bulletred:
- The pattens of her wings are a lot more 'leopard'y than most volcarona. this trait is shared with her volcarona brothers.
- Usually, instead of running, she will fly along the ground.
- Although her mother tongue is portugeese, she is fluent in English, but still speaks with a French-Brazilian accent.

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beatrizearthbender Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's brazilian!? Cool! :dummy:
leafpool12 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow she is so cute awesome job heh
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