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November 2, 2012
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Duality-OCT App - Penny by Thalateya Duality-OCT App - Penny by Thalateya
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Note, the image is a little outdated, please reference the information below.

:bulletpurple: Name :bulletpurple:
Princess Pentecouste Lundeane
Nickname 'Penny'

:bulletpurple: Age :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: History :bulletpurple:
Penny's parents were the king and queen of a faraway Kingdom. They were a small and quiet kingdom, but exceedingly rich. Her parents always expected the best of the best and hated to be seen even slightly bad by their citizens, and for a long time they held this. Until their only daughter Pentecouste was born.
She was a beautiful Albino with white hair and pale skin, and this news quickly spread. She was a princess and to be revealed as the only possible heir to the throne. She was a spoiled young child, who got everything she wanted just like her parents, but this didn't last long. Around her fifth birthday she started to become more independent and wily. She started running around the castle at night, she avoid bathes and dresses and preferred to be free and rolling around outside. Her parents scoffed at this, deeming it 'unladylike', and as a result stopped her from going outside until she learned to be a proper princess. Naturally, Penny didn't like this. At all.
She took to running away at night, when her parents were asleep and when the town was quiet. She wore a disguise hat hid her hair, then browsed she shops in the final hours and talked to the locals. Many people got suspicious of such a young girl all by herself but she knew she was safe as long as they didn't see her albinism. This became a very good habit of hers. As she started to stay out longer and longer she feared her parents would work out what's happening and lock her up properly so this, along with her desire to travel further, drove her to run away when she was eight. At first she loved it, being free and not having to listen to her parents or be 'ladylike'. It did start to get hard after a while, but her stubbornness stopped her from going back.
At she start she was frequently caught stealing and even got put in prison many times, but she was quick to learn. By the time she was ten she had mastered the art of stealing, she could run very quickly to stop people from catching her and she could manuvre very stealthily and quietly. She mainly stole food, but as she grew she started to steal clothes and tools too. This was soon picked up by 'The Talon', a thief who was infamous to those who knew him as being one of the best in the art of pokemon stealing. He taught Penny, along with a group of other young rats, to work for him stealing pokemon to sell. He even gave Penny her first pokemon, a poochyena called Escuro.
She soon practiced to steal pokemon too, which was a lot harder. She may as well be an amateur again, because it took her nearly a year to snag her first pokemon. It was a young larvesta who Talon let her keep. Over the next year or so she quickly got the hang of stealing pokemon for her boss, and caught at least ten more, including Xaria, a young shining budew who stayed with her.
Talon was eventually caught and arrested, which meant Penny was free again. For a short while she simply continued her life of crime, but she knew she couldn't keep it up forever. She felt that sooner or later she would have to grow up and live somewhere, and slow down. That was just as she was travelling to Unova...

:bulletpurple: Personality :bulletpurple:
At first glance Penny may not seem much but a begging child. She doesn't say much, only things that don't have much to do with her. A life of crime has lead her to be very untrustworthy or strangers, and it's rare for her to say her name unless you know hers. Even at that, she will only reveal her deepest secrets - such as her real name or her royal past - to those she deems the truly closest to her. Once she does open up Penny is a perfectly nice person to be around, and surprisingly polite and generous.
However, Penny doesn't take too kindly to authority figures. If you think you can boss her about just because she's a child then think again, she doesn't take orders from anybody and isn't afraid to fight for her will.
Penny can get very competitive, granted she spends most of her time running away but when she has to fight she does it with spirit. She is very confident in her pokemon, and believes she can never loose a fight despite doing so on the majority of occasions. She loves battles even more when they involve a price - she has lost a few precious possesions because of betting but she's also gained plenty more money.
Penny fought a lot on the streets before she joined the tournament, so she has a basic understanding of pokemon. Between her and her team they know just enough of the type combinations and abilites she needs to win, but little more - types that don't affect her pokemon or moves are completely alien to her. What she does know, however, she knows well and she can put up a good few move combinations and utilizes her abilities. However, competing in the tournament will reveal to her plenty of pokemon she's never seen before and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to see what works.
Penny tends to be closer to her pokemon companions because she trusts them and knows they're the only friends she won't leave behind on her travels. Of course, this is because she's never had any real 'Human' friends.

:bulletpurple: Trivia :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: When she first ran away Penny stole a family heirloom - a dagger encrusted with a jewel to defend herself. She thought she deserved it more than whoever would be the next heir. She rarely uses it, but tends to pull it out if she's around strangers. She plans to sell it if the going gets tough, but holds onto it for as long as she can.
:bulletpurple: After she ran away she cut her hair very short so let people would notice it's colour. She recently started going it long again since people probably wouldn't recognise her.
:bulletpurple: Because of her hair and dress choice a lot of people mistake her for a boy. She doesn't care to correct them, instead finding it a bit of a game to see how long people take to notice. Her male nickname is 'Penn'.

:bulletpurple: Pokemon :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: - Escuro - Mightyena - Male - Quick Feet - :bulletpurple:
Sucker Punch - Giga Impact - Roar - Dig
Bold - 'Proud of its power'

At first Esucro was stolen by Talon, where he was consonantal abused and deemed 'unfit' to sell. This caused him to try and show off his power to them, although as nothing but a little poochyena he had little to show. Eventually he was taken away and given to Penny, who didn't care much for her but at least he wasn't being hurt.
As Penny was just a child, Escuro felt it was his duty to be her father figure and tried to be a mature, strong companion. He is extremely loyal to Penny and would never let her get hurt, although she tends to take him for granted. He doesn't desire anything in return, although it still upsets him.
Escuro is never afraid to battle, he's happy to launch himself into a fight with little of a second thought, hoping for scars and blood to come from it. He has a short temper and all it takes to start it off is to hit any of his team-mates. However, outside battle he is very lax and helpful.
He specialises in physical attacks and has a high defence because he's not afriad to throw his weight around, however, he's somewhat frail to special moves.

:bulletpurple: - Lumea - Larvesta - Female - Flame Body - :bulletpurple:
Bug Buzz - Substitute - Psychic - Fire Blast
Sassy - 'Alert to Sounds'

Born amongst many of her species from a breeder Lumea was more than happy when she got stolen. She owes her freedom to Escuro, as if it weren't for him Penny wouldn't have gotten away. This has caused a rather confusion relationship between the two, at some times she likes him and she's happy to tag with him, at others she's extremely hostile to him.
Lumea is the 'woman' of the team and the only one who's particularally sensible about fighting. She will avoid riff-raff or trouble whenever she can, but is also a perfectly good fighter. She loves hitching on people's backs but don't try to go near her unless Penny lets you. She gets started very easily which is painful for anybody vulnerable to fire.
Where Escuro specialises in physcial attacks, Lumea excels in special. Her fire moves are certainly something to watch out for, but she can be defeated easily by physical moves. She has a fear of rock-types and will not battle them.

:bulletpurple: - Xaria - Roslia* - Female - Poison Point - :bulletpurple:
Stun Spore - Petal Dance - Protect - Venoshock
Naughty - 'Impetuous and silly'

The youngest member of the team and always getting in trouble. Xaria was stolen as a budew because her unusual colouring promised to sell well, however, Penny quickly grew attached to her and kept her.
Xaria is very hyperactive and eager to battle, always rushing around and grinning. Her fighting ability, however, leave a lot to be desired as she only evolved recently. When she starts something she tends to do it badly, not paying concentration. In fact, the only thing she can focus on is pranking.
When fighting, she is surprisingly defensive, using protect against strong moves and Stun Spore against strong enemies. She also deals with poison and other ailments.
Because she's so annoying Penny tends to keep her in a pokeball a lot longer than her other two pokemon. This causes a bit of bitterness between the two, and Xaria dosen't always listen to her.

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GrimoireDays Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Lumea is just gorgeous! I want to give her a hug :D
Moogster Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I love the way you draw pokemon! Lumea is really cute!
Thalateya Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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