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Amizade Bio - Ferelith by Thalateya Amizade Bio - Ferelith by Thalateya
:bulletyellow: Full name: Ferelith
:bulletorange: Nickname(s): Ferry, Felidith
:bulletyellow: Age / Birthday: 24 / May 20th
:bulletorange: Species: Liepard (Dark)
:bulletyellow: Ability: Unburden Raises speed if a held item is used.
:bulletorange: Characteristic: Strong Willed
:bulletyellow: Nature: Sassy Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
:bulletorange: Top Stat(s) Defence & Attack
:bulletyellow: Family: 3 Sisters (She doesn't know them well) & Devon (Fiancee)
:bulletorange: Likes: Night, Darkness, Men ifyouknowwhatimean
:bulletyellow: Dislikes: Blair, Losing her cool, Swimming
:bulletorange: Fear(s): Water
:bulletyellow: Attribute(s): Declawed & Purple Eyelids (like eyeshadow)
:bulletorange: Hobbie(s): Stealing, Dancing

I think, for the longest time, I had trouble deciding if Ferelith was really feminine and pretty, or quite mean and manipulative, so her initial personality fluctuated a lot. I didn't want her to become another tomboy like Bonnie, but it was always strange when she acted feminine. Eventually I decided to inspire her by the 'Sassy Black Woman' stereotype, and as a result Terria was able to become more girly and developed. SHe's my favorite character to write after Bonnie and Blair, in fact, Bonnie X Ferelith scenes are always a laugh!


Ferelith's design changes a little every time I draw her, she's changed style more than any other character (with bonnie and rowyn close behind). In this image, her eyes are too big and it just ruins the whole image for me. I even edited them to make them smaller. They're probably not actually too big but ugh!
The most obvious points of design change would be around her eyes, the pink has changed from tufts to down the ear and now it's a pattern on her head. Also her body shape, she's become gradually more buxom as I try to make her more antho, which doesn't really translate to feral. In addition, the shape of the cheeks, whiskers and patterns have changed, the only thing that's stayed the same since her first ref is her spots!

Art & Character Thalateya 2013
Pokemon Nintendo
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ShanoontheEpic Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student General Artist
that shading!!! i love your style and creativity!
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