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About the Comic

Amizade is my pokemon fancomic, which I have been working on for just over two years now! It features a group of pokemon based roughly on my White team, and has just reached it's 50th comic with lots more to go.
I also have Chained, a sort of spinoff, which is occasionally posted instead.



Aboon Acres
Aboon Acres is my ranch for :iconpkmnation:, we specialise in types but accept plenty of other types!

If you are a member of pkmnation and are interested in breeding, or battling, I am totally open, allthough not always right away. Send me a note or leave a comment on the appropriate journal.

~ Aboon Acres ~ Ranch Information ~Welcome to Aboon Acres
As you walk, the ground gets more and more erratic. You can often be walking along, then get abruptly stopped by a gaping crevice or ledge. Finally, you reach a slightly pathetic looking white picket fence, where several pidove are roosting peacefully. On the other side of the fence you see large mountains that reach high into the sky. You watch, slightly in awe. Slowly, a purple stantler approaches you, then suddenly thrusts you onto it's back and efore you have a moment to protest it has bolted miles into the air, and all you can do is hold into it's antlers for dear life. Below you the mountains get higher, and you can see all sorts of lands. Some of the mountains are covered in desert, some in savannah, some in lush rainforest, each one populated my a variety of pokemon. Eventually, the stantler slows, then makes a perfect stop on a flower-plated mountain near the middle of the ranch. There, a lady i
~ Aboon Acres ~ Breeding Center Aboon Acres is currently open for breeding - please see below the list of pokemon for details!
List of Pokemon

In Training
These pokemon will be levelled up, evolved and taught moves, someday becoming great battlers. For now, though, they are still learning moves, levelling up and evolving. ○ Means a move that can only be used my TM, and cannot be taught by anybody wanting to pay with a move.
  Kataku ~ Nincada ~  ~ Male ~ Status: Open!
- Ready to Evolve!
- All moves learned!
  Lewis ~ Chimchar ~  ~ Male ~ Status: Open!
- Ready to Evolve!
- Moves to Learn: Close Combat(E)



Asked this before and will ask again - who is your favourite character in amizade? 

6 deviants said Bonnie
3 deviants said Blair
3 deviants said Ferelith
2 deviants said Terria
1 deviant said Rowyn
1 deviant said Albany
1 deviant said Other (comment)


Welcome to my Page!

PLEASE don't thank me for the fave, watch or llama, look at my gallery instead. ;)

ID 2013 by Thalateya
^ My Fursona ^

Aboot Me

My name is Thalateya 'Thangled' Thylacine (or Haley, but that's a lame name) and I'm a 16-year-old girl from Scotland, who coincidently has Asperger's. I love drawing, pokemon, designing characters, and writing comics. My lifetime wish is to see one of my stories up on the big screen, but for now I'm content with just working on a few comics on the side of my school work.

Current Schedule:
- Monday - Misc. Art
- Wednesday - Amizade/Chained OR Misc. Art*
- Friday - SOMETMES Misc. Art
- Saturday - Max the Shadow Demon**
- Any day - PKMNation clutches OR small artwork
*alternates weekly (Amizade/Chained comcis are posted fortnightly)
** Currently on hiatus and will resume in a few weeks

I love every single little one of my commenters and usually try to reply, please please don't be shy!

To-Do List

My To-Do List

□ Incomplete / ■ Complete

□ Work though inbox
■ NPC app for Knight Academy
□ NPCs for Knight Academy
□ Redraw Nicole
□ Prepare some more TTM comics
□ Melody
□ That Aflie/Terek Drawing

Summer Resolutions PB White - Finished by Oceannist

- Start Chained - PB White - Finished by Oceannist
Before it's been a year since the release of XY is my goal. Currently I want to get the first 5 comics done, at least.
- UPDATE: This now includes amizade AND chained comics, but I must focus on Chained!
Current comics complete: 5/5

- Finish off Amizade Bios - PB White - Finished by Oceannist
IT REALLY BUGS ME OK. If I don't draw new pictures, I can use the old ones. Minor chars are optional.
Current bios written: 6/6
Current arts finished: 6/6

- Complete TTM Ch1 - PB White - Finished by Oceannist
Same as above, I don't want to leave it sitting much longer - I want to get started on the next chap!
Current Pages finished: 16/16 (all sketched)

Frequently Annoying Questions

Frequently Annoying Questions

- Do you do Commissions ect.
I rarely do commissions and when I do I will post a journal.
Requests are even rarer and friends only.
Art Trades are for close friends with a similar skill level, so ask.

- Please join *random group*?
No. Please do not spam me with these requests, especially for one of those dumb 'we accept everythingz' groups. You are welcome to request my art into your group though!

- Can we RP?
Of course, but only if you are a member of...
:iconpkmn-awakening: :iconstmortiel: :iconpkmn-armonia:
I also prefer comment RPs.

- PKMNation? Can we breed?
YES! However it would be nice if you at least aknowleged what I wanted from my wishlist rather than offering some really random pokemon. See the journal in the Nation widget for more info.



I Love All Pokemon Stamp by KawaiiChan789Hoenn Fan Stamp by EmpovylePokemon: Pro-3rd gen stamp by MonochromePixel
Ninetales stamp by Numbuh9Swampert stamp by Jontukka392-1 Infernape Stamp by Pokestamps
Male Whimsicott. by Monster-BoarMienshao stamp by FENNEKlNSSylveon by Marlenesstamps
Weavile stamp by schneckomannAbsol Stamp by DeruuyoScolipede Stamp by FENNEKlNS
REQUEST: Electrifying by SimbaTheHumanFor the Bird Pokemon by The-Emerald-OtterFighting Pokemon Stamp by depp
Not Legendary Dogs by FiveSpiceAbsol isn't even canine. by FiveSpiceSorry Wolfaboooos by FiveSpice

jake by scenesqueAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloStamp: Adventure Time by FlantsyFlan
Music And Dance by azianwolfdollWALL-E Stamp: Out There by XxoOjunefoxOoxXDisney Merida + Ugh Stamp by TwilightProwler
-Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFoxThe Sims 3 Stamp by snwgamesAnimal Crossing - Addict by onnawufei
I love Sheep by WishmasterAlchemistI love Ferrets by WishmasterAlchemistI love Bats by WishmasterAlchemist

Good Artists Are... by savagebinnTrying by ClefairyKidI Draw Because I Dream by RomanticParody
Wishful Thinking by whispwillNever ending by Moonlight-pendent13Too Many Projects by StamPorMole
I was HERE by prosaixAdvanced Critique Encouraged by StampsByNeekkoFriendship by Daakukitsune
Alone Stamp by Mirz123I can still feel you there ... by SynfullLoner by ManicStamps


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madnoes by darkmoon3636:megaphone: Hey! Yeah you! See this bit!

Do not thank me for the Llama!
I get a lot of people who comment with nothing more than 'thank you for the llama / watch / fave / ect'. It's a pain! While I understand you are thankful, I hate it! - I just hide the comment !


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